My Strategies

Counselling for depression

Winston Churchill used to call it “The Black dog” and many people describe it as “a black cloud”. Depression is soul destroying and draining, but I can help you. I have 30 plus years expertise in treating depression.

I use a number of techniques to manage and treat depression such as:

  • Self talk training
  • Analytical journalling
  • Anger strategy
  • Self worth training
  • A unique gratitude strategy
  • The “motion” concept
  • Rating system
  • Healing trauma
  • Brain training
Grief counselling

To truly empathise with someone who has lost a loved one, it is my opinion that you must experience it for yourself and it is only this way, that you can have a deep understanding of someone’s grief. With that understanding, comes the ability to guide that person.

The grief process is not a linear one and has no expiry date, but with compassion and patience, I will create a safe space for you to explore your grief and raw emotions.

When you lose someone, you feel emotions that you never thought possible and so begins a rollercoaster of ups and downs playing out over a course of time. As you navigate through these difficult emotions, I will fully support you to feel whatever you want to feel in the counselling session. The process of grief is not set in stone, but it is common to experience the following:

  • Shock and denial
  • Raw emotional pain
  • Digesting your loss
  • Processing your loss
  • Tears of grief
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bargaining
  • Guilt
  • Mind tricks
  • Memory triggers
  • Fantasy
  • Healing the wound
  • Recovery
  • Coming to terms with
  • Moving on
  • Acceptance
Counselling for divorce. Counselling for breakup.

In many ways, a divorce or a breakup can feel like a bereavement. When someone close to you passes away , you mourn the loss of that person and similiarly when a divorce or breakup occurs, you will grieve the loss of your partner, even though they are still around. The grief process is often similar to that of a bereavement and it is common to experience many, if not all of the emotions associated with grief.

There are various strategies that I use to help move on after a divorce or breakup, but the single and most important thing you can do is to allow yourself to grieve. “To grieve is to heal”.

Grief counselling for loss of a pet.

People often say that having a pet is like having another member of your family and this is so true. You love them unconditionally, as they do you and so develops a loving bond between you both.

Losing a pet can be devastating and the grief you will feel may be insurmountable. With compassion and understanding, we will navigate this grief together. Since grief doesn’t discriminate, it is possible you will experience much of the grief process previously mentioned.

Estrangement in a relationship

When we become estranged from family or friends, this can be extremely challenging and often stir up a tremendous amount of grief inside of us. Again, it is not uncommon to go through various stages of grief, before you come out the other side. The sense of loss will mirror that of losing a loved one/friend. We will talk through your feelings and look for solutions as you begin the healing process.

Counselling for anxiety.

We have all been hard wired to feel fear, but for many of us, being in a state of constant anxiety is extremely unpleasant and ruins people’s lives. As with depression, anxiety depletes all your energy and takes complete control of you. The good news is that I have many cognitive tools to deal with anxiety, enough to make a huge change in your life. Some of the strategies include:

  • Intentional Fear Immersion strategy
  • Anxiety strip down
  • Anxiety Journal strategy
  • Cognitive training
  • Analytical journalling
  • Self worth training
  • Reframing tools
  • Grounding tools
Counselling for Anger and Stress

Just about everyone has experienced anger and stress in their lives, but what do you do when it controls you and makes you feel constantly on edge. The feeling is often likened to a “pressure cooker”, or a “volcano about to erupt”! Anger and stress is detrimental to your mental and physical health, but I would say that most of the techniques I use to deal with depression and anxiety work absolute wonders with anger and stress. There is one particularly powerful tip I have to release anger and stress!

Couples counselling.

Relationships are complex and maintaining a healthy, functional relationship can be hard at times. We all go through life’s struggles and navigating the twists and turns shape us into what we become as human beings. I am an experienced couples therapist with lots of tools to help salvage those same relationships.

Counselling for Low self esteem.

Lack of self worth often stems from childhood or adolescence and because we are so impressionable at that age, we form rigid belief systems in our heads which carry on until later life. How we view ourselves is the key to how we relate to others and learning to love who you are, will build a solid foundation on which you can find happiness and fulfillment. I have developed some excellent strategies to help you learn to love and value yourself again.

Healing trauma

Very often in life, you have to go back to be able to go forward, because so many of us carry around our past traumas and repressed emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, frustration. All of the pain, suffering and conflict experienced in the past can get pushed down and buried inside of us and as a result, we become easily triggered in our daily lives today. Lets unpack your trauma together, so you can live the life you truly deserve!

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