How to relieve stress and anger!

Do you ever think to yourself, what do we do with all these thoughts and emotions we carry around? How do we deal with the frustrations, the anger, the resentments, the sadness? 

Negative emotions

What about feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, lack of self belief or motivation. What about depression, anxiety, stress and anger? What tools can we have at our disposal?

Pressure cooker waiting to explode!

The fact is, that unless we have a release for these thoughts and feelings, we will pay the price at some point and either break down, or explode like a volcano!

When someone cuts you up on the roads, or is disrespectful to you, do you flip? Or do you feel like flipping? When we lose our cool(and everybody does), we’ve normally built up a ton of frustrations over a period of time and like a pressure cooker, we burst.


All it takes, is for the right trigger to set us off and we all have our triggers. So it is absolutely essential to get stuff out of our system and tip number one is: 


Recently, a client of mine was feeling extremely stressed about a particular relationship of theirs and they found themselves ruminating obsessively about this person.

So I asked them to write down everything they were feeling. They wrote two A4 sides and by that point, they felt they had gotten everything off their chest.

Be detailed

I suggested that my client be as detailed as possible with their journalling, as it is so important to give those ruminating thoughts an expression and the more one puts into it, the more one will get out of it.

Upon completing the journalling, my client proceeded to tell me that their stress and depression had halved instantaneously and the feelings of hurt and anger had subsided.

Why journalling works!

So why is journalling so powerful? Because thoughts and feelings need a voice, an outlet if you will. If they don’t get one, they will just ruminate in your brain and drive you to distraction. 

So my first tip for today, is to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper! 

Tip number 2-Punchbag!
Game changer!

Now this second tip is specifically for stress and  anger and I have to tell you, this was a total game changer for me. All I can say to you, is that if you have anger issues, one of the best investments you will ever make in your life is a punchbag! 

If you have nowhere to hang it, you can also buy free-standing ones. If you have no room to put one, find a gym that has one. All I’m saying, is that this will change your life! 

The tight feelings evaporate away!

The amount of occasions where I have felt tremendous stress and anger; even hitting the bag for 10 minutes will dissolve away the tight feelings in the chest and stomach.

I am mindful of how fired up I am about punchbags, but trust me, it was the discovery of the century for me! No exaggeration!

Ready to explode!

And it makes perfect sense. We go through stress throughout the day and we have no vent for it, so we become pressure cookers ready to explode! That stress has nowhere to go. 

Hit that bag for a few minutes and you will actually feel sane again! It’s the most satisfying feeling, when you are able to overcome these negative emotions in literally a matter of minutes!

The rage has to go somewhere!

If you don’t deal with your stress and anger, you will end up taking it out on your loved ones, which could have devastating consequences on your relationships. 

How many acts of violence could have been avoided, if those people would have taken out their anger on a punchbag? 

What’s a few minutes?

If you could deal with your stress and anger in just a few minutes, is it not worth that small investment?

Private coaching

I am a private coach and specialise in helping people reduce their stress and anger. Please contact me for a free 15 minute video/telephone call.

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