How to get over anxiety fast!

Today I wanted to talk about a great strategy for anxiety which involves creating a fears diary. 

Can you relate?

How many times do we worry about something and it never happens?  Or the total opposite happens? Or the outcome wasn’t as bad as we had predicted?

But even though we know this,  our thoughts  still ruminate on a loop and the worry just goes round and round in circles. 

The worst possible outcome will occur!

My favourite part of anxiety is the catastrophising; you know when every single outcome  you predict is the worst possible outcome that can materialise. 

The science bit!

Isn’t it bizarre that a tiny part of our brains called the Amygdala(it measures 2.25cm each side) is responsible for this lovely entity we call “anxiety”! However there is good news my friends! We can break this cycle of anxiety and here is what you do! Drum roll please!!

Get a notepad, or if you prefer, create a folder in your phone notes and name it “fears diary”. Then what I want you to do, is every time you feel anxious about something, make a note of it. 

Remember the fine details!

It’s important to be specific, so make a note of what it is you’re scared of and describe how you’re feeling at the time. Rate your anxiety out of 10, so if you’re particularly anxious, you may want to rate your anxiety between 7/10 and 10/10.

Enter the exact date and then you’re done. Then, at the point of that specific outcome occurring, refer back to your original note and make a record of that specific outcome. Note that the outcome may occur many weeks, months, sometimes years later and this is why you need to be disciplined with this.

Long term

Now obviously some fears do materialise(very few by the way) and that is why you want to do this over a period of weeks or months, because it is highly likely that over this course of time, a large percentage, if not the majority of your fears do not materialise, or they do not end up as bad as you thought and in many cases, the complete opposite outcome occurs.

If you want to really get into this exercise, then make a note of literally every single fear you have, however mundane it might appear. The point of this is to get you to see the difference between actual truth and create a different perspective towards your fears which are 100% mind based. 

Mind boggling results!

Honestly, I tried this exercise and over a course of a few weeks, I noticed that 98% of my fears never occurred. Pretty revealing! 

Private coaching!

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