Depression. A new Hope!

A groundbreaking course for depression sufferers.

My name is David Pope. I am a counsellor and coach and I specialise in the areas of depression,  bereavement, and anxiety. I am a successful mental health Podcaster and blogger.

As someone who has suffered with debilitating depression my whole life, it became necessary for me to acquire daily action-plans to deal with it, hence the creation of this new online course: Depression. A New Hope.

The course provides you with groundbreaking tools and strategies to help deal with your depression and will show you how to substantially reduce your depression.

So what about the actual course content? I dive into 20 all powerful techniques, including  Repetitive Thought Rewire,(RTR) which is a highly effective mind exercise.  We explore the most popular and up to date tools such as journalling, reframing lists, meditation, my “Rating” system strategy and a whole lot more!

In the end, it’s not about “what depression is” or “why you’re depressed”, it’s about dealing with it, reducing it and being able to live the life you deserve. Come join with me and learn these life changing techniques. I look forward to seeing you on the course!

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